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A unique Healing Experience

Kimantra is a place of relaxation that features the world’s most famous and beneficial spa therapies.

Desiring to introduce the healing art of massage, traditional treatments are adapted to a refreshingly unique perspective which makes Kimantra a world class spa


Bali’s Healing Touch 

This medium to deep-pressure massage focuses on the energy lines and acupressure points. 

For this deep and powerful massage, the therapist uses Volcanic Hot Stones to concentrate on the energy lines, pressure points and muscles. The warmth penetrates deeply into the body creating an exceptional sense of comfort and balance.

Relfexology is a Chinese therapy based on the principal that all organs have their reflexes ending in the feet and that by massaging and stimulating respective points the whole body is treated and restored.

Holistic Balinese Journey

120 min, 200$

Three anti-aging and hydrating treatments are combined into a complete pampering experience. The journey starts with a full body aromatherapy scrub, exfoliating and invigorating the skin and follows with a nourishing mud body mask rich in minerals. The body is then wrapped in a heating blanket; the heat boost the penetration of mineral salt, improving cellular nutrition, oxygenation and immune system, promoting tissue repair and lymphatic drainage. For a satin finish, a one hour massage using essential oils allows the body as whole to restore and find its balance.

Traditions in India

This deep tissue aromatherapy massage combines stretching movements for posture improvement and balance.

Shirodara head massage

60 min, 70$ / 30 min, 50$

Herbal oils are applied and massaged into the head, face, neck and shoulders, nourishing the hair, normalizing sleep patterns, reducing stress, headaches and migraines.

Mandara massage

60 min, 140$

A traditional synchronized full body massage given by two therapists using the oil that suits your needs the most. Combined with firm manoeuvres and stretches, this method speeds up the elimination of toxins inducing the body into a state of deep tranquility.

Signature treatments 

Kimantra fusion

90 min, 140$

Kimantra fusion is our favourite treatment; it is a deep tissue Indian, Balinese and Hot Stones massage, and includes Reflexology, Cupping, Thai and Japanese therapies.

Moroccan Hammam

60 min, 100$

A traditional cleansing ritual, starting with a steam bath, followed by a body cleansing using natural soap and a vigorous body scrub using a special glove to deeply exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. The new skin is then enveloped with a nourishing mud mask followed by herbal oils for a healthier skin.

Pregnancy Massage

60 min, 70$/90 min, 105$

When you’re pregnant, a massage from three months onwards, can lift your mood and make you feel so much better. This treatment includes a relaxing back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face massage. To complete, long strokes on the lower legs, arms, hands and feet restores a feeling of lightness and comfort.



60 min, 90$

Incomparable to any other slimming treatment, maderotherapy breaks down cellulite, provides a vigorous lymphatic drainage and stimulates the elastin and collagen of your body

Slimming Cocoon

60 min, 150$

Who thought getting wrapped like a mummy could be and feel so good? This 60 minutes’ session consists of lying in a heated blanket after being covered in clay, rich in minerals and salts, tightened and compressed with bandages. Beside reducing excess water, cellulite and stretch marks, heat and compression relax and soothe the muscles, improve tender joints, decreasing inflammation and chronic arthritis pains.

Sunset in Asia

Thai massage combines gentle rocking, rhythmic compressions on targeted pressure points followed by assisted stretching.

Shiatsu massage

60 min, 60$/90 min 90$

This Japanese dry bodywork uses localised finger and elbow pressure in a rhythmic sequence on acupuncture meridians.

Masters massage

120 min,160$

This treatment uses both Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques on the whole body with deep tissue Swedish massage to the back neck and shoulders and stretching movements.


Rose Brightening Facial

60 min, 60$

This facial begins with a gentle exfoliation. A hydrating organic cream is then applied for a facial massage to stimulate face muscles, bringing oxygen and blood flow to that area. A Radiance Mask is then applied and followed by a head and foot massage.

Radiance Collagen Booster

60 min, 70$

This is an anti-aging skin care during which the skin is prepared with a gentle scrub and mask. A collagen serum is then used for a face massage. A full rejuvenation treatment which increases collagen natural production and elasticity.

Deep cleansing facial

60 min, 70$

A revitalizing scrub is applied to remove dead skin cells followed by a steaming and cleaning of clogged pores, then by a facial, neck and décolleté massage. A cool face mask is applied to correct oily skin texture. This treatment will purify, moisturize the skin and reduce enlarged pores.

Adds On

Available as a supplement to other treatments

Detoxifying scrub 30 mn, 65$

Our unique scrub is rich in minerals and aromatherapy oils; it exfoliates dead skin cells and allows the regeneration of new ones thus promoting a smoother, more hydrated and healthier skin.

Body wrap 30mn, 75$

mix of mud and clay rich in minerals is applied to the body which is then airtight wrapped and covered with a heating blanket.

While you enjoy a head and face massage  your body is healing, releasing toxins, reducing cellulite and improving  circulation.

Facial radiance peel & mask 20mn, 35$ 

Our mini facial starts with a massage to bring oxygen and blood flow to the face, follows with a gentle exfoliation and ends with a nourishing moisturising mask.

30 min Nourishing hair mask 50$ 

30 min Back massage 40$

30 min Jaccuzi Bath  40$

Relaxation at its finest: Read what our clients have to say about their spa massage experience

‫فدائي ابن حلب (ببجي)‬‎
‫فدائي ابن حلب (ببجي)‬‎
الحقيقه يتميز بلي تريده وهاد الشي برجع للزبون انصحكم تجربو المنتجع يستاهل مليون نجمه
Imad Darwish
Imad Darwish
Rachel Kourjakian
Rachel Kourjakian
The best spa in lebanon, i have visited a loot. Non of them was as professional as this one. The receptionists are very friendly and nice. Kimantra fusion is the best massage. At the end of the massage, i couldn't get up, i was that relaxed. Highly recommended
Johnny Eid
Johnny Eid
Very good massage therapists clean spa and courteous staff. I already chose my mother’s gift for Mother’s Day thank you for all the employees in kimantra
Liliane Tawk
Liliane Tawk
My lovely sister offered me a gift card.. Great experience, hammam, deep cleansing facial and massage. There are snacks and tea available in the rest area make sure you try the biscuits. The spa process is very relaxing, the room has music and special smells, the technicians are very professional, and the service is also very attentive.
May Hanna
May Hanna
One on the most wonderful experience! My favorite place for a relaxing massage! Very professional team!
Vero Bach
Vero Bach
You won’t know how good the massage is until you try it🥰

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